How a Crypto Fund Made $1M a Day Selling Bitcoin in South Korea

For the first time Alex Friedberg and JJ Petersen (Co-Founder at BXB Capital) share the crazy story about how they managed to make more than $1M a day in 2017 on the “Kimchi” premium.

JJ and Alex also discuss the launch of the first Korean Won backed Stablecoin, Binance Korea, and the new trading strategies they have immersed themselves in.

Crypto Compliance and Growth with Chen Arad (Solidus Labs)

Chen Arad (COO at Solidus Labs) joined The TIE’s Fundamental Value podcast to discuss shared-surveillance as a fundamental infrastructure necessity for regulated crypto growth. Chen covers how data-sharing agreements between crypto firms can enable crypto-ETFs, help tackle market manipulation and integrity issues, usher regulatory approval and institutional adoption, and make the crypto pie bigger for everyone.