Make Your Twitter Feed Great Again (Part 1)

Who should you be following on Twitter? Whether you’re an aspiring degen who is just getting started or a seasoned vet who has survived many ruggings, your Twitter feed is an important component to what you know and when you know it. 

In crypto, Twitter is essential. We all know this. The platform has become indispensable for keeping up with the space. It’s an incredible tool for news and community formation, and it provides a room where we can share memes and sometimes even alpha. 

But with the lightspeed pace of development and enormous magnitude of available content, it can sometimes feel like information overload. It’s become nearly impossible to know what and who to pay attention to. And even more challenging to discern signal from noise. 

Consider the number of Ohm forks that have launched in the past few months. Or the amount of weekly smart contract and development updates on the flourishing set of non-Ethereum layer 1s building a multi-chain future. Unless you have 14 hours a day to sit on Twitter and a photographic memory to pair, it’s pretty safe to say that your Crypto-Twitter experience could be improved. 

Even those of us who are fortunate enough to be in crypto full-time have a hard time keeping up. I know I do. 

Who you choose to follow is an incredibly important decision. Twitter is not just for the funniest memes and latest drama. It’s a place to source new projects. And to converse on the merits of those new projects with your peers. And to figure out which Discords to join and which DAOs to interact with. And ultimately, where to Ape. 

We here at The Tie don’t want you to miss anything, and are here to help you improve your Twitter feed. We created a data driven approach to help you optimize your limited time and thought allocation on Twitter. 

As a part of Apefluencer, which is available on our SigDev terminal, we created a curated list of top developers and thought leaders in the space. It comprises some of the smartest and most forward thinking individuals in crypto. Separate analysis (yes we checked) confirms that these individuals not only drive conversation and signal narrative shifts, but also identify and discuss promising new projects early. 

By looking at who these “indicators” follow on Twitter, we access an acute sense of who the smartest and most well-respected people in crypto choose to pay attention to. 

And more importantly, you can replicate it. 

Here’s the top 25 followed individuals by Crypto Degen accounts (thought leaders described above) and a set of accounts composed of Executives, Investors, and Researchers. The fourth and fifth columns report the percent of our indicator accounts that follow the presented account. 

Access the full list of 500 here.

RankScreen NameNameCrypto DegenExecutive
Number of Followers
1@zhusuZhu Su 🔺37%39.82%332,170
4@AndreCronjeTechAndre Cronje 👻🐸35.40%31.86%272,139
8@TetranodeTΞtranodΞ (💎, 💎)33.63%17.70%132,318
11@kyled116Kyle Davies31.86%26.55%141,718
12@danielesestaDaniele 🐸✊31.86%23.89%183,888
13@lawmasterLarry Cermak31.86%33.63%140,514
14@Fiskantes⭐️🩸Fiskantes (smell, smell)31.86%25.66%67,213
15@DegenSpartan찌 G 跻 じ ( 𝙃𝙚𝙣𝙩𝙖𝙞, 𝙎𝙚𝙣𝙥𝙖𝙞 )31.86%28.32%102,928
16@RewkangAndrew Kang (¤, ¤)30.97%32.74%70,556
21@hasuflHasu @⚡️🤖30.09%35.40%115,711
22@cz_binanceCZ 🔶 Binance30.09%37.17%4,394,374
23@DarrenlautfDarren Lau (Lau, Lau) 👘30.09%29.20%86,074

Unless you’re new to crypto, most of the accounts in the above table will seem pretty obvious. And a number, like CZ or Vitalik, are just large accounts that everyone follows. 

To make this table view more actionable, let’s look at the 25 smallest (by number of followers) accounts that are among the top 500 followed by our indicator set. This way, we can begin to understand some of the less known accounts that the smartest people in the space care about.

Rank is the popularity among Crypto Degen or Executive/Investor/Researcher indicator accounts. 1 is the most highly followed account by an indicator set.

RankScreen NameNameCrypto DegenExecutive
Number of Followers
428@0xkinnifkinnie 🟪13%3.54%2,854
433@FreddieFarmerFreddie Farmer13.27%7.96%3,169
381@KyleLDaviesKyle Davies14.16%7.08%3,213
272@0x_Osprey🦅 𝘽𝙄𝙍𝘿 𝙈𝘼𝙍𝙆𝙀𝙏 🦅16.81%5.31%4,066
354@Galois_CapitalGalois Capital15.04%24.78%6,506
355@setanimalsSet Animals15.04%5.31%6,656
255@will__priceWill Price16.81%18.58%6,719
191@PopcornKirby🍿 Kirby 🚀18.58%8.85%7,343
406@hal2001Hart Lambur13.27%17.70%7,601
336@smsunartoScott Sunarto15.04%12%7,753
270@wilburforce_Will Sheehan16.81%18.58%7,887
252@DegenCryptoInfoDegen Crypto Info 🔬16.81%2.65%8,156
411@cozyfinanceCozy Finance 🦥13.27%10.62%8,618
286@loldefiloldefi¹³³⁷ // 🦋15.93%7.96%8,834

By curating a Crypto-Twitter experience akin to the feeds of those who matter in the space, you can be smarter, avoid superfluous information, and source new projects earlier. 

To simplify your experience actually doing this, I made a quick tool to tell you which accounts of the top 500 most followed accounts you don’t already follow. Check it out here to source new follows and improve your feed. 

And stay tuned for part 2, where I’ll further explore these “indicator” accounts, and perhaps even disclose which ones tend to find and discuss cool new projects first. 

Want to share some alpha with us? Recommend accounts to the Apefluencer using this form.

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