Now Available on The Tie Terminal: Token Unlock Data

Let’s face it – existing token unlock data is awful. Token vesting schedules are critical for anyone holding or following a particular token, because increases in circulating supply lead to new and growing selling pressure. Unlocks provide VC founders with liquidity, and knowing about large upcoming unlocks ahead of time can be the difference between you successfully hedging your risk, or being their exit liquidity.

However, websites publishing unlock data are often cutting corners by scraping outdated whitepapers or websites, taking the word of founders as the truth without verification, and failing to review on-chain vesting contracts to confirm the accuracy of claims. Because of the price impact that often follows from token unlocks, the quality of this data is imperative – yet no tools in the marketplace offer institutional grade data. 

We understand the importance of quality token unlock data, as well as where other products fall short. To provide our users with the highest quality unlock data, our crypto-native experts curated information by hand: digging through whitepapers and websites, working directly with protocols to clarify questions and ambiguities, and diving deep into on-chain data to confirm whether projects’ unlock schedules are functioning as claimed.

We are thrilled to announce the launch of The Tie’s Token Unlock Data: the most comprehensive and thoroughly-vetted set of data on token emissions, unlock schedules, and protocol sinks to date. All on a single screen, and all within The Tie Terminal.

The Tie Terminal’s Token Unlock Data solves for several weaknesses with existing tools:

  • More Accurate Data: Existing tools tend to leverage scrapers, which creates inaccurate datasets. On top, these inaccuracies are rarely double-checked or validated on-chain.
  • Consolidated Information: Currently one needs to leverage separate tools/sites to understand emissions, investor unlocks, and protocol mechanics. We’ve solved this by combining these disparate datasets into a single screen.
  • Verified Data: Wherever possible, our team is providing the sources for the data in view, such as wallet addresses for team members/treasury/seed investors, and more.
  • Implications: When applicable, you’ll see expert analysis from our team, such as if a protocol transfers treasury funds from a single wallet; if a team is unresponsive to questions on important protocol functions; when the numbers in a whitepaper do not correlate to on-chain metrics.
  • Overall Impact: By covering every possible variable, our unlock data provides an objective view of net impact to a token’s supply.

This data is now live to all clients of The Tie Terminal. Don’t be the only fund manager without access to high quality unlock data: schedule a demo of The Tie Terminal today.

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